Ordering procedure

  1. Orders are treated by our team. It’s also possible to send them written, duly signed, to our address, fax number or by email. Please also mention the final destination.
  2. Mention clearly the name and full address of the recipient and/or the organisation to which the documents should be addressed.
  3. On request, Orbi-Pharma International will take care of forwarding by air or by ship. Transport can be insured on demand. All such expenses, including the insurance premium, and all local transport costs are for the account of the purchaser.
  4. Delivery within the EU is only permitted to licence holders. In the event of not holding a licence, please contact Orbi-Pharma International.
  5. Our price-list does not include all the products we can make available. We carry most common medicines in stock. Should you have any special requests or require large volumes, we would appreciate early receipt of your order to avoid long delays in delivery.
  6. Our prices (in €) are given as an indication only and are exclusive of VAT. They might be adapted in case of fluctuations on the international market or currency fluctuations. Prepayment will be preferably be made by bank transfer (SWIFT).
  7. The applicant is required to respect the import procedures and patent regulations of the country of destination.
  8. In the event of cancellation of an order, the purchaser shall be liable to a charge of 15% of the original value of the order, with a minimum of 100,- €
  9. Handling charges of 30,- € will be calculated for orders below 250,- € .

Terms of sale

  1. All our prices are only valid for goods delivered out of our warehouses. The goods are transported at the buyers risk and cost, unless otherwise mentioned in a written agreement or offer.
  2. The prices are only valid for goods, which can be delivered out of our stock. The delivery period can only be guaranteed when the goods are in stock. As far as the delivery date is concerned, no commitment whatsoever can be taken for goods, which are ‘out of stock’.
  3. Complaints can only be accepted in case of proven fault on the part of Orbi-Pharma International, and provided that such complaint is lodged within a period of 8 days after delivery.
  4. Our invoices are to be paid in Brussels and in case of disputes only the Courts of Brussels are competent. The same principle applies for accepted promissory-notes or all other means of payment. Only the laws of Belgium are applicable.
  5. Any dispute concerning the contents of an invoice shall be notified in writing within 15 days after its sending. Thereafter the invoice shall be considered as accepted.
  6. The buyer becomes the owner of the goods once the price has been paid in full. In case no payment has been effected or in case the price has only been paid partially, Orbi-Pharma International has the right to claim the goods back at buyers cost. Sending back of the goods is only allowed after prior written acceptance by the seller.
  7. In case of payment of our invoices from abroad, all foreign financial costs (such as bankcosts, transfer costs, conversion costs, etc…) are for the account of the customer and will not be charged to Orbi-Pharma International.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed, all our invoices are to be paid cash. In case an invoice is overdue (i.e. not paid at the payment date mentioned on the invoice) interest shall be charged at a rate of 12% p.a. Any set-off and/or compensation between seller and buyer is forbidden.
  9. Furthermore the debtor shall be obliged to pay liquidated damages up to 15% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum of 50,- € .
  10. The interests and compensation for late payment are legally due from the end of the agreed payment term onwards, and without special notice or warning thereto.
  11. Generally the seller does not warrant the effectiveness of the goods supplied, but is only bound towards the buyer on best effort basis. Seller shall never be responsible for consequential damages. The limit of other claims shall be 15% of the value of the invoiced amount for the article(s) concerned.