• Essential generic medicines
  • Brand medicines (specialties)
  • Starting raw materials

Medical devices

  • Bandages
  • Medical and surgical devices
  • Laboratory equipment and products
  • Reagents and diagnostic tests
  • Condoms
  • Mosquito nets


All products delivered by Orbi-Pharma International are of optimal quality. Orbi-Pharma International possesses all legal permits as pharmaceutical wholesale for the exporting medicines. The purchase, storage and delivery happen in compliance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) under the supervision of Orbi-Pharma International’s pharmacists.

Orbi-Pharma International only delivers medicines with guaranteed quality. The medicines are purchased from manufacturers who operate conform to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as directed by the WHO (World Health Organization).


A generic medicine resembles the original brand medicine: it has the same qualitative and quantitative composition of active components, the same dosage form (e.g. tablets, syrup, …), the same method of administration (e.g. oral, injection, …). Generic medicines are only allowed on the market after the brand medicine’s patent has expired.. The shape (oval instead of round), taste or color can differ from the original brand medicine; these differences however have no effect on its therapeutic activity. Generic medicines are considerably cheaper than its brand counterparts.

The generics distributed by Orbi-Pharma International are labeled using the names of the active ingredient conform to the internationally recognized names of the WHO (World Health Organization).